National Sovereignty, Finance, Immigration, Democracy, and Europe

SFIDE – a focus on some of Europe’s key issues

The University of Verona invites you to take part in the SFIDE project! SFIDE - acronym which stands for National Sovereignty, Finance, Immigration, Democracy, and Europe - is open to all students and Phd students and it is aimed to analyse some of today’s European key issues and topics through focus groups and debates.

The project includes two sessions. In the first session participants (possibly from different academic backgrounds) are expected to work in small groups, coordinated by specific supervisors (one for each topic). The results of these focus groups will be presented in the course of internal workshops to be held in spring. The second session of the project will be the final event open to the general public, to be held on 17 May 2019. Guest speakers and international experts will take part in the conference.

Moreover, by participating in the project you may be awarded a number of CFU credits: for further information please get in touch with the Teaching and Student Services Unit of your area.

The project launch – to be held in Italian – will take place on Wednesday 23 January 2019 at 1:00 pm in Room 2.2, Palazzo di Lettere (via San Francesco 22 – 37129 Verona). We look forward to meeting you! International students are most welcome to take part in the project.


From the Single Market to the Monetary Union: what to expect in the future?

Dal mercato unico all’unione monetaria. Quali scenari futuri?
Supervisor Riccardo Fiorentini
Language requirements: Italian or English


Globalisation and Souverainism in Europe

Globalizzazione e Sovranismi in Europa
Supervisor Emanuele Bracco
Language requirements: Italian or English


Inequality and social attitude towards redistribution in Europe

Disuguaglianze e attitudini sociali nei confronti della redistribuzione nei Paesi Europei
Supervisors Francesco Andreoli Veronica Polin Claudio Zoli
Language requirements: Italian or English


The democracy of inequality in today’s European Union

La democrazia della diseguaglianza nel presente dell’Unione Europea
Supervisors Laura Calafà Giuseppe Martinico Matteo Nicolini


Pluralism and networks of religious dissent in Early Modern Europe

Pluralismo e reti del dissenso religioso nella storia europea di Età moderna
Supervisors Federico Barbierato Alessandra Celati


From “Carolingian” to “Ottonian” Europe: historical bias in the 20th Century

Dall’Europa carolingia all’Europa ottoniana: strumentalizzazioni novecentesche
Supervisors Marco Stoffella Gianmaria Varanini


Research, innovation, ideas, and inclusion in Europe

Ricerca, innovazione, riflessione, inclusione in Europa
Supervisors Riccardo Pozzo Marta Capiluppi
Language requirements: Italian or English


Study in Europe

Studiare in Europa
Supervisor Stefan Rabanus


Comparing health systems in Europe

Europa: sistemi sanitari a confronto
Supervisors Roberto Leone Albino Poli


Ethical and legal issues in robotics and autonomous systems in Europe

Aspetti etici e legali della robotica autonoma in Europa
Supervisor Paolo Fiorini
Language requirements: Italian or English


Europe and the Anthropocene: scientific, social, political, and philosophical perspectives on climate change

L'Europa e l'antropocene: prospettive scientifiche, sociali, politiche e filosofiche sul cambiamento climatico
Supervisors Massimiliano Badino Gerardo Ienna
Language requirements: Italian, English, or French


Migration as a global challenge

Migrazioni: una sfida globale
Supervisors Maria Caterina Baruffi Caterina Fratea
Language requirements: Italian or English


Mental health of migrants in Europe

La salute psicologica dei migranti in Europa
Supervisors Corrado Barbui Marianna Purgato Giulia Turrini
Language requirements: Italian or English


Migrant reception policies from the origins to the present day

L'accoglienza dalle sue radici all'oggi
Supervisors Alessandra Cordiano Emanuela Gamberoni Carlo Pelloso