Terms and conditions

Through its website www.univr.it launched in 2000 – current version launched on 6 June 2018 – the University of Verona aims to:  

  • provide internet users with a complete overview of our University;  
  • make easily available to users all institutional information relating to governing bodies, educational activities, research, and technical and administrative staff of the University; 
  • highlight the activities of the University and give visibility to the initiatives and outcomes that have an impact on the territory. 


All contents of the website www.univr.it are protected by copyright law and made available and accessible in compliance with the intellectual property rights of the legitimate owners. The contents of this website can be reproduced only with the prior permission of the copyright owners, except for the contents released under a Creative Commons licence. In the event of any permitted copying of this website’s contents it will be necessary to acknowledge the source. 

Personal data made available on this website (e.g. e-mail addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers) can be used by the website’s users only for purposes related to institutional education and research activities, and administrative procedures. It is strictly prohibited to use the contents of this website for marketing purposes and spamming, as well as for commercial purposes without the prior permission of the interested party. Any such breach will be reported to the relevant authorities. 


The University of Verona seeks to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. Nevertheless, contents made available on the website may not be always complete and up-to-date. For this reason, we particularly value the users of this website, who may at any time report malfunctions in the service or mistakes in the published contents by sending an e-mail to the address area.comunicazione@ateneo.univr.it. Our staff will correct any mistakes in the shortest possible time.  


With the only exception of the “Official University Register” online section, all information provided on this website shall not have the legal value of regulations or administrative measures (with no prejudice to regulations on publication of financial statements and public calls for tenders pursuant to Art. 32, par. 2 and 5 of Law no. 69 of 18 August 2009 and subsequent amendments). The University of Verona takes no responsibility for any problems deriving from the use of this website or any other related website. The University of Verona takes all technical measures to minimise the possibility of website malfunctions. In the event of website failure caused by technical problems, the University of Verona shall endeavour to restore the system as soon as possible, taking no responsibility if, despite such interventions, interruptions and disruptions on the website still occur. 


In order to provide a comprehensive information service, the website of the University of Verona may contain links to external websites: the University is not responsible for the contents and reliability of such websites and therefore cannot ensure their proper functioning.   


The domain name www.univr.it is registered as follows: 

Università di Verona (represented by Dr Giovanni Michele Bianco, Director of the IT Directorate)   
Via dell’Artigliere, 19 – 37129 Verona – Italy 
VAT no. 01541040232 


The www.univr.it website and relevant data centres are located at: 
Università di Verona  
Via San Francesco, 22 – 37129 Verona – Italy 
VAT no. 01541040232 


The document on the processing of personal data relating to the www.univr.it website is available on the relevant webpage. 

(Last update: 9 May 2018)