Postgraduate study

Professional master's programmes, medicine postgraduate specialisation programmes and other courses

Professional Master’s programmes and Advanced and professional development courses provide a unique opportunity for both students and professionals to enhance and update their skills and knowledge. The experience gained through these courses is a valuable asset in the labour market, and for career prospects.

Professional Master's Programmes and other courses

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Anno Accademico 2021/2022 - BANDO per l'ammissione ai:
Anno Accademico 2021/2022 - Master in Manoscritti
Anno accademico 2021/2022 – BANDO del 4 OTTOBRE 2021 per l’ammissione ai:
NEW Anno accademico 2021/20222 – BANDO del 3 DICEMBRE 2021 per l’ammissione ai:

Pubblicato il Bando INPS “Master di I e II livello e Corsi universitari di perfezionamento in Italia” per l’anno accademico 2021-2022".

Scadenza: 16 dicembre 2021 alle ore 12.00

Whether you’re a recent or not-so-recent graduate, if you’re looking to widen and develop your knowledge and skills, the University of Verona offers highly specialised monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses that respond to the needs of the labour market.

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If you’re interested in continuing professional development and you already have a university degree, the University of Verona offers specialised training courses that respond to the needs of professional associations, trade associations, public institutions, private businesses and healthcare organisations.

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Whether you work or not, whether you have a degree or a diploma, if you’re looking for professional growth opportunities, or to improve your professional skills in specific areas, the University of Verona is here to provide you with flexible courses designed to meet the needs of professional associations, public bodies, companies and local health authorities.

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Teacher training

Teacher training

Courses for prospective teachers

These courses - for prospective teachers of all school levels - are designed based on the current regulations issued by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research (MIUR): Percorso Formativo 24 CFU (or ’24 CFU scheme’), and Courses for special needs teachers.
Special courses for educationalists (Educatore socio-pedagogico, pursuant to Law no. 205/2017) are also available.

 For further information: Teacher training.

Teacher training

Advanced postgraduate courses provide future specialist doctors with the training they need to achieve their professional goals.
The University of Verona offers more than 40 medical postgraduate specialisation programmes.

 More information: Medical Schools.

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Thanks to an agreement between the University of Trento and the University of Verona, Legal postgraduate specialisation programmes have been taught since the academic year 2001/2002 in both universities, with dedicated offices and teaching facilities.

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State examinations

for the professional qualification to practise as a doctor/surgeon

State examinations

for the professional qualification to practise as a Chartered/Expert Accountant, or Specialist Social Worker


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