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International Students

Opportunities for degree-seeking students

Are you an international student or a student with a foreign degree wishing to continue your studies in Verona?
Find out more about our programmes, admission, pre-enrolment procedures and scholarships

Exchange Students

International mobility students in Verona

If you’d like to take part in a student exchange programme and spend a period of study in Verona, our University is just perfect for you. Here you will find all the information about our programmes, student services, cultural activities, accommodation and more

Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons with a student mobility programme

Take the chance to study abroad for a period thanks to a range of mobility programmes:

  • Erasmus+ study
  • Erasmus+ internships
  • Short Term Mobility
  • Worldwide Study
  • UniVerona Cooperation

Summer and Winter School

International, intensive, residential courses that focus on specific topics

Summer and Winter School

The University of Verona offers Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Programmes in a wide range of disciplines.
Here you can find out which programme suits you best!

Double/Joint Degrees

Apply for a Double/Joint degree programme

International Staff Mobility

Mobility opportunities for researchers, professors and staff

Find out about the programmes and funding opportunities we offer to promote the international mobility of researchers, professors and staff

Welcome office

Plan your stay in Verona

Useful information for international students and researchers coming to Verona

University of Verona organizes an Italian Language and Culture course for colleagues from Partner Universities to develop linguistic and intercultural skills.

This training course combines cultural and language activities and will take place from Tuesday 16.05.2023 to Friday 19.05.2023.

Cooperazione allo sviluppo

Cooperazione allo sviluppo

L'impegno e le azioni dell'Ateneo

Promuovere una cultura per la cooperazione allo sviluppo è fondamentale per la qualità di vita e lo sviluppo globale delle generazioni presenti e future.

Facendo propria tale sfida, l’Università di Verona si impegna in un’azione composita e strategica tesa a sostenere valori e azioni che pongono al centro le persone e i territori, in linea con l’Agenda 2030 delle Nazioni Unite e i suoi obiettivi.

Scopri di più

Scholars at Risk

Promoting academic freedom by protecting scholars in danger

Find out more
Scholars at Risk

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International Office

Chiostro San Francesco (Cloister) first floor, stairway A, via San Francesco, 22 - Verona.

Opening times
Access to the office BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Erasmus study: +39 045 802 8440 / 8043 / 8530 / 8596
Erasmus traineeship: +39 045 802 8530 
Short-term mobility: +39 045 802 8596

Worldwide: +39 045 802 8196
Erasmus Incoming / Staff / Accordi: +39 045 802 8358
Admissions: +39 045 802 8333 / 8671
Visiting students:+39 045 802 8286


External users, teaching staff, researchers:
International Student Desk: 

Further information for enrolled students
Enrolled students requiring information should contact the Office via Help Desk by clicking on the button below:

 Help Desk

International scientific cooperation c/o PhD Office

Location Chiostro San Francesco (Cloister) first floor, stairway A, via San Francesco, 22 - Verona.

Office hours Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Phone +39 045 802 8591





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