Summer and Winter Schools

Summer & Winter Schools at the University of Verona

Among its initiatives to promote internationalisation and higher education, the University of Verona organises annual Summer/Winter Schools, also in collaboration with Italian and international universities, research and higher education centres. 

The Summer/Winter Schools are international, intensive, residential courses that focus on specific topics and last between one and four weeks. These courses are taught in Italian or in a foreign language and are supported by international lecturers and professionals specially appointed to meet the specific learning outcomes for each course.

Summer/Winter Schools are open to Italian and international students in their first, second or third cycle, and graduates.


  More information on application procedures and deadlines, fees and contact details can be found on the web page of each Summer/Winter School.
Please note: the list of courses available in 2021 is constantly being updated.

Summer Schools - 2021

SaM - Shakespeare and the Mediterranean International Summer School in Verona. Romeo and Juliet

Bayesian Statistical Analyses for the Human, Social and Cognitive Science

The Summer School 2021 in Human Sciences

International Summer School in Meta-analysis for psychological research


Winter Schools - 2021

Please note: this list is currently under construction.