Data privacy / GDPR

Personal data processing and protection

Dear Data Subject, we wish to inform you that, according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter GDPR), the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data is a fundamental right in the European Union. The principles of data protection apply to any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person, therefore not apply to anonymous information, namely information which does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person or to personal data rendered anonymous in such a manner that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable. Any processing of personal data must be lawful and fair and must be transparent to natural persons that personal data concerning them are collected, used, consulted or otherwise processed and to what extent the personal data are or will be processed. The principle of transparency requires that any information and communication relating to the processing of those personal data be easily accessible and easy to understand, and that clear and plain language be used. That principle concerns, in particular, information to the data subjects on the identity of the controller and the purposes of the processing and further information to ensure fair and transparent processing.