Doctoral programmes

PhD programmes are the third and highest level of university education in Italy.
Candidates are admitted to the programmes by a competitive application process. At the end of the three- or four-year period of study, graduates are awarded with the title of dottore di ricerca (PhD) after successfully defending their thesis.

The objective of a PhD is to learn good methodology for advanced academic or scientific research that can be applied at universities, public authorities or private institutions, or to acquire highly specialised professional knowledge to use in a company.

In the context of internationalising research, the University of Verona actively supports international PhD programmes, thesis co-tutoring and the issuing of the additional Doctor Europaeus certificate, as per specific collaboration agreements with foreign universities. It is also possible to be employed in a company on an advanced research apprenticeship contract and work towards your PhD at the same time.

Enrolment in the PhD Programmes

Cycle XXXIV - Starting A.Y. 2018/2019

Successful candidates are invited to enrol in their PhD programmes through the dedicated platform on-line.  The enrolment procedure will be available from 1 to 29 August 2018. 


PhD programmes

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INVITE is a doctoral programme of the University of Verona with a strong inter-sectoral, inter-disciplinary and international research and training dimension.

The Project is cofunded by  the University of Verona, Regione del Veneto and by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 754345.

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Invite PhD programme

Training and research programme

The INVITE doctoral programme aims to encourage each student’s intellectual curiosity and support the acquisition of critical thinking skills by training them in the use of innovative theoretical tools and practical methods.

To form top researchers in line with the European-designed Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training, the University of Verona strongly invests in its PhD programmes, reinforcing the international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral aspects which characterise innovative PhDs.
Students can therefore expect to develop international, interdisciplinary, marketable profiles in different public and private sectors.

Cooperation with companies and private/public entities
Cooperation with foreign Universities