Area Law and Economics

The PhD School of Legal and Economic Sciences promotes and supports scientific research in the fields of law and economics, particularly in those contexts in which our communities are facing multiple challenges in a rapidly-moving world.

Communities - at global, international, national and local levels - may not be ready yet to deal with phenomena such as the fourth industrial revolution; globalisation; the increasing influence of finance on today’s economics; digital and robotic innovations; mass migrations and environmental degradation. All these processes are putting to the test the traditional legal and economic institutions, as shown by the case of the national law and central banks facing globalisation and crypto-values, respectively.
The main purpose of the School is the development of research skills and the growth of legal and economics-related studies that may allow a better comprehension of these challenges, thus contributing to help our communities dealing with them.
To this end, the School has the duty to organise and manage, also by internationalisation-related processes, higher education through research in different subject areas, and by interdisciplinary approach. This means that the School will promote activities in common with other PhD programmes in the field of research and research-related management issues, also in regard to European and international research systems, promoting the dissemination of intellectual property results and research outcomes.
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