Third mission

Companies, community and public engagement

We believe universities should not restrict themselves to teaching and academic research, but should contribute to supporting technological, economic and social innovation locally and nationally.  
Third mission is the term used by all public universities to refer to their direct contributions to civil society.
The University of Verona seeks to provide opportunities for dialogue with businesses, other institutions and the community by regularly hosting events where academics and the public can exchange knowledge and learn together.

Many opportunities for companies that believe in research

Many opportunities for companies that believe in research

Commissioned research, collaborations with spin-offs, consultations and scientific equipment, job seeking

UNIVR supports collaborations with companies by making university resources such as new technologies, research staff and facilities available for use in projects. We connect job seekers and job offers, putting companies in touch with young graduates through internships, work placements and graduate jobs.

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Public Engagement

The University and the city

The University organises and promotes meetings, conferences, shows, and events open to the city to disseminate scientific research even among non-experts and thus sharing knowledge, in a constant and fruitful dialogue with the city's institutions and the local cultural and social organisations.

The term ‘public engagement’ is used to describe this set of non-profit activities, aimed at achieving educational, cultural, and societal development, carried out for the benefit of a wide range of audiences other than students, academics, or business representatives.

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Public Engagement

Zoom - Obiettivo Ricerca

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Verona Minor Hierusalem

Verona Minor Hierusalem

Making the most of our city, together

The University of Verona, in collaboration with Fondazione Verona Minor Hierusalem, offers a number of training activities for students as part of a project intended to recreate the history of Verona, once known as ‘Minor Hierusalem’ (small Jerusalem) by celebrating its historical churches. Among the activities available are lectures by experts, opportunities for internships (both curricular and for graduates) and dissertation work.

The project also provides young people with the opportunity to volunteer in the field of cultural heritage by receiving tourists and pilgrims in the churches that are part of the project. Each volunteer will be invited to take part in Art History modules, tour guides and lectures that will enable them to know more about Verona, its history and churches.

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Ex Caserma Santa Marta

Visite guidate al Polo Santa Marta

L'ateneo invita a scoprire la storia dell'ex caserma austriaca e del suo recupero architettonico organizzando visite all'edificio e all'esposizione permanente "Storie e percorsi in mostra".

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 In ottemperanza alle disposizioni per contrastare il Covid-19 le visite sono sospese.

Logo della Mostra

Mostra "Contemporanee/ Contemporanei"

Un progetto innovativo per coinvolgere le studentesse e gli studenti nell’arte contemporanea. Esposizione di opere di giovani artiste e artisti della collezione AGIVERONA

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 In ottemperanza alle disposizioni per contrastare il Covid-19 le visite sono sospese.

A sustainable university

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The University provides opportunities to learn more about the historical events that marked the 20th century. Lecturers, experts, and eyewitnesses give the public the opportunity to analyse the most important events in contemporary history. Every year MemoriaMemorie offers a dedicated programme of events and activities, especially for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The initiative also featured, from 2015 to 2018, a series of events to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.  

In the summer evenings, students and citizens alike meet in the garden of the canteen at Polo Zanotto to enjoy an open-air cinema experience. The films in the programme usually share a common thread chosen by the University.

In December, as the Christmas holidays approach, the University usually holds a Christmas concert in the Aula Magna of Polo Zanotto for the University’s community, and the city. The concert is traditionally followed by a toast to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

The Museum represents the Computer Science Department's commitment to preserving the memory of the evolution of automatic computation and the machines that characterised it, as well as looking towards the future by sharing historical results in technology research and scientists' lives with the next generations.

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A careers orientation fair created by the university and ESU Verona.

An initiative for young graduates to explore career opportunities. A programme of conferences, events, interviews and experiences, including meeting human resources managers from top Italian and foreign companies. The fair includes guidance for effective job searching, in-depth workshops about professions and about self-employment, company presentations and testimonials from large and small companies. You can leave your CV on recruiting day, and there is also open day for the university’s postgraduate and advanced courses.

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Guided visits of the Santa Marta university building

History of the former Austrian barracks and their architectural restoration

Take part in a guided tour of Santa Maria in via Cantarane. A former Austrian army bread-making factory, the building has been restored and renovated by the University of Verona and it now houses the Department of Economics. Our tours, developed to allow people to discover this impressive building’s history, and are open to everyone from school groups to locals to tourists. Visitors will see some of the most important spaces, including the library and the Santa Marta exhibition.
The tours are free, but bookings are required.

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Il piacere della conoscenza

Kidsuniversity – which aims to convey the pleasure of doing research to children aged eight to thirteen – is where university teachers hold lectures and workshops for primary and secondary school students to stimulate their curiosity and critical thinking. Moreover, school teachers can benefit from qualified training courses and workshops.

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Publications about the University of Verona

Books and monographs on the history of our University

Santa Marta. Past & Present
Di Maria Luisa Ferrari, Cierre Edizioni (VR), 2016

Santa Marta. Dalla Provianda al Campus universitario
A cura di Valerio Terraroli, Cierre Edizioni (VR), 2015

I Lebrecht
Francesco Vecchiato (con prefazione Rettore Mazzucco) – 2013

Alle origini dell’Università di Verona (1949-1959)
Anno 2007

Nel 50° anniversario della “Libera Università” di Verona (1959-2009)
A cura di Francesco Vecchiato – 2010

PALAZZO GIULIARI A VERONA. Da residenza patrizia a sede universitaria
A cura di Loredana Olivato e Gian Maria Varanini – edizione 2009 ed edizione 2014

25 anni per Verona – 1982-2007 stiamo scrivendo la nostra storia
A cura dell'Ufficio Comunicazione - Università degli Studi di Verona

Alessandro Giuliari “Un tipo, un carattere, un esempio” - 2008
La nascita della Facoltà di Medicina a Verona
A cura di Filippo Rossi – 2002

L’opera storiografica di Gino Barbieri nel decimo anniversario della scomparsa
A cura di Giovanni Zalin - 2001