A sustainable University

The University aims to raise awareness - within the university and local community - of the issues of environmental, social and economic sustainability, so that people can adapt their lifestyles accordingly, and become more capable of making responsible choices oriented towards the common good.


Wed 6 Mar 2019
Corso "Vivere, lavorare e produrre sostenibilmente"

From 6 March to 13 May 2019; from 8 March to 8 May 2019 at the Borgo Roma Campus

Sun 19 May 2019
10a EnerGITA - I mulini del Menago da Buttapietra a Casaleone

A 'cycling event' about Nature and renewables

Mon 20 May 2019
Costruendo insieme il giardino planetario

Event about the book "Poetica della zappa. L’arte collettiva di coltivare giardini" by Pablo Georgieff

FabCity_Survey: help us know more about you!

As part of Progetto FabVan, this short questionnaire enables us to collect information about the craft and digital skills of the people we meet, as well as know more about their hobbies, and their idea of a city. The data collected will be analyzed in an anonymous and aggregated way, and - once the project is complete, in 2021 - will form the basis of a scientific publication available to all citizens.
Thank you for your time and your contribution!

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Il mio capitale verde

Registering trees in Verona with an app on your smartphone Find out more

ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale - Institute for the environmental safeguard and research) has included ‘Il mio capitale Verde: investire in conoscenza e nell’ambiente’ project in the GELSO (GEstione Locale per la Sostenibilità Ambientale - Local management for environmental sustainability) database.

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'Il mio capitale verde' - learn more about its initiatives

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ASVIS, a well-known Italian association for the promotion of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, has included ‘Il mio Capitale Verde’ among the best practices for Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities).

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Agreement between the University and the Municipality of Verona to protect the trees of Verona

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Univrmagazine.it articles

Read all the articles about sustainability on the University's online magazine. 

Agenda 2030

Sustainable Development Goals

Agenda 2030 for sustainable development is a programme of measures involving people, the planet and global wealth, signed in September 2015 by the 193 UN member states. The agenda includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs that are part of a major action programme for a total of 169 targets. The Sustainable Development Goals were officially launched at the beginning of 2016, thereby setting out the roadmap for the next 15 years and the targets that the participating countries have committed to achieving by 2030. 

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The global goals