Anno Accademico 2019/2020

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Informazioni, procedure e scadenze per l'iscrizione ai corsi 2019/2020

Tutte le informazioni e le scadenze, specializzate per profilo utente e per tipologia di corso, per iscriverti all'Università di Verona

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Massimo Natale, docente di Letteratura italiana, suggerisce i 5 titoli da scoprire

Il docente dell’ateneo scaligero alla guida del gruppo di esperti della Federazione internazionale di Chimica clinica e Medicina di laboratorio per Covid-19

L’intervista a Federico Brunetti, direttore del dipartimento di Economia aziendale

Pubblicata sulla rivista Angewandte Chemie una ricerca dell’ateneo scaligero in collaborazione con l’università di Padova

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Permanent Exhibitions and Events

Ex Caserma Santa Marta

Guided tours at the Santa Marta Campus

Find out more about the history of the former Austrian military facilities and their architectural restoration through guided tours and the permanent exhibition "Storie e percorsi in mostra".

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Logo della Mostra

"Contemporanee/ Contemporanei” – contemporary art exhibition

An innovative project to engage students in the world of contemporary art. The exhibition – which is curated by Denis Isaia from the Mart Museum in Rovereto – includes works of contemporary art from the private collection of Giorgio Fasol.

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Logo Univr Store


Find out more about Univr STORE, where you’ll find the official merchandising of the University of Verona. 

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Why Verona

Advantages of studying in Verona

Living, studying, events, transportations and lodging in Verona.
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Organisation, indicators, performance, and use of resources

The University of Verona aims to make all information relating to every aspect of the organisation easily accessible.
This section – currently available in Italian – includes all indicators relating to management, use of resources, and the outcomes of measurement and assessment activities

Quality Assurance

Monitoring and evaluation of university activities

Planning, monitoring and checking to improve standards in teaching, research, administration and third mission activities.

Combined Committee for Workplace Guarantees (CUG)

Equal opportunities and wellbeing at work

Established by Law no.183/2010, the Combined Committee for Workplace Guarantees promotes equal opportunities and wellbeing at work, and fights against workplace discrimination. It replaces and combines the roles of the Equal Opportunities Committee and the Joint Committee against workplace bullying.