Central bodies and governance

The University of Verona strives for excellence in teaching, research and innovation. It has 22,000 students and 1,500 staff including lecturers, researchers, technical and administrative personnel who work to continually improve and grow the university.
A forward-thinking institution which continuously seeks to strengthen the link between its degree courses and the real world of work, the university’s main objective for the near future is to become progressively more welcoming and adapted to student needs.

The University of Verona is a young, dynamic university deeply connected to the beautiful city of Verona and the surrounding area. We benefit from a rich network of national and international academic partnerships, with a focus on innovation in teaching and services for students. Our university departments cover a range of disciplines, and we aim to embrace all the many spheres of knowledge.
The University of Verona’s strategic objectives are centred on the pursuit of quality and sustainability. Merit is highly valued and excellence is encouraged. We also believe it is important to be able to maintain our current level of activity in the long term. Attention is therefore given to the feasibility of our projects as well as securing adequate resources to achieve future objectives.

The University of Verona has received prestigious national and international recognition, and this encourages us to continue improving. We constantly invest resources to make facilities and services more welcoming and suited to our students, academic and administrative staff. Professionalism and precision, together with flexibility and a predisposition to innovation, are respected values at our university as well as in life.

Welcome to the University of Verona!

Nicola Sartor

About our University

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2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Mission, values and strategic lines of development for the current three-year period.

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Prof. Nicola Sartor

The Rector establishes the university’s lines of development together with the Academic Senate and Board of Directors. He also oversees the implementation of the programmes entrusted to the Director General. 

  Secretarial office of the Rector


Prof. Carlo Combi

The Vice-Rector assists the Rector in all his duties and acts in his place in the event of absence, temporary impediment or early termination of office.

  Secretarial office of the Vice-Rector

Director General

Dott.ssa Giancarla Masé

The Director General supervises all the university’s technical and administrative offices and the overall management and organisation of services. She is also responsible for the university’s physical resources.

  Secretarial office of the Director General

Delegates and Advisers to the Rector

Delegato all'internazionalizzazione
Delegato per l'assicurazione di qualità
Delegato all'orientamento e alle strategie occupazionali
Delegato al diritto allo studio e alle politiche per gli studenti
Delegato mediante procura notarile in materia di sicurezza e salute sui luoghi di lavoro
Delegato all'attuazione delle politiche di partecipazione dell'ateneo, alla valorizzazione della proprietà intellettuale dell'ateneo, ai profili legali e organizzativi relativi al trasferimento tecnologico
Delegato alla ricerca scientifica, ai profili tecnici e scientifici relativi al trasferimento tecnologico
Delegato alla didattica
Delegato alla comunicazione