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UNIVR helps you in your transition from school to university.
Find out more about enrolment procedures and our services and benefits, such as student orientation initiatives, scholarship opportunities, and much more!

Fees, concessions, benefits; office administration services from enrolment to graduation. Enrolled students can access all services from the intranet, MyUnivr.

Issue of degree certificates and diploma supplements. Job placements.
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Commissioned research, spin-offs and laboratories, scientific equipment. Placements and internships. List of graduates. Competitive application announcements. Public sector work.

First-year students

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Esu Verona

Ente Regionale per il diritto allo Studio

L’ESU è l’Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario.
Per diritto allo studio si intende il complesso di norme che regolano gli interventi volti ad assicurare agli studenti universitari la possibilità di accedere ai servizi che costituiscono un concreto sostegno al percorso di formazione universitaria. 

Scopri sul sito di ESU Verona informazioni per alloggi, aule per lo studio, ristorazione, borse di studio e molti altri servizi.

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Physical activity has well-known benefits for the body and mind. That’s why our university has agreements with local sports centres. We also offer fitness programmes at discounted prices for university students and staff.


At the University of Verona you will have the opportunity to celebrate your graduation with something special: a traditional graduation scroll.

Traditional scrolls are hand-printed in Verona at the University’s Typography Art Laboratory (‘Vivaio dell’Arte tipografica’) and represent a fine example of traditional and local craftsmanship at its best!

Hand-printed scrolls can be requested by soon-to-be graduates for € 70 and are currently available for the following areas and degrees: Medicine and Surgery; Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics; Law; Languages and Cultures for Publishing.

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Inclusive university

Living well with disabilities

Accompaniment, specialised tutoring, administrative support and alternative teaching materials. Since 2001, the University of Verona has had a specific mission to include and support students with disabilities.
Discover the things we do to remove obstacles for students with different abilities.

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