Post Graduate Group

Our group is involved with:
  • Supporting decisions on the teaching of short master's courses, advanced courses and professional development courses by the Postgraduate Committee, the relevant departments and the central bodies of the university.
  • Supporting study programme contact staff in setting up, managing and monitoring postgraduate courses.
  • Ensuring links with the USR and MIUR for university courses that are within the institutional framework of in-service training for teachers at all school levels.
  • Planning and managing work guidance activities and promoting meetings between jobseekers and employers.
Caterina Gallasin
Via San Francesco, 22 - 37129 Verona

Unità operative dell'Area

Job Placement Unit

045 802 8022, 8912, 8038, 8004

Short Master Courses, Advanced Courses and Professional Development Courses Unit

045 8028767 045 8028260 - Carriere studenti iscritti ai Master e Corsi di Perfezionamento/aggiornamento professionale (iscrizioni e pagamenti)


Progetto Samsung Innovation Camp - in collaborazione con l'Ateneo di Verona
Progetto Enactus - in collaborazione con l'Ateneo di Verona