Internships and work orientation


Work experience for students and graduates


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Spazio stage - Futuri studenti
Spazio stage aziende per studenti
Internships and placement programmes in Italy
Recognition of university credits
Contributo finanziario per tirocini curriculari A.A.2016-17 2017-18
Programmi di stage all'estero - Futuri studenti
Stage all'estero su candidatura individuale – Futuri studenti
Internships with national institutions
Stage all'estero su candidatura individuale – AZIENDE
Meetings with the professional world
Orientation for work, "tailored" to you
Work experience at the University of Verona: for students at secondary school or from other universities
Percorsi di Alternanza Scuola - Lavoro L.107/15


General information - internships and work experience
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FAQ - Stage
FAQ - Spaziostage