Inclusion and Accessibility

The Inclusion and Accessibility unit provides students with disabilities and SLD/learning disabilities with the following personalised services:
  • support for enrolment procedures
  • assistance and auxiliary aids when taking an admission test
  • scholarships and benefits for students
  • support and assistive technologies
  • transport and assistance for moving around the University
  • help with your paperwork and administrative procedures
  • activities for social inclusion.

For further information on the services offered please refer to the Inclusion and Accessibility Guide to Services, available online. WHERE WE ARE Polo Zanotto, Palazzo di Lettere, ground floor, rooms T.07, T.08, T.09. The Operational Unit for Inclusion and Accessibility is located at the Polo Zanotto, Palazzo di Lettere, on the ground floor, next to the concierge. ACCESSIBILITY OF BUILDINGS All buildings of the University of Verona are accessible to persons with disabilities, in compliance with current legislation. Any improvements are discussed on report.

Servizi gestiti da Inclusion and Accessibility

Vittorio Corradini
Via San Francesco, 22 - Verona

Opening hours

Front office: Monday to Friday 10.00-13.00

Study room: at the moment access is possible only by reservation to be made at least 3 days in advance at 0458028593. This opportunity is subject to the respect of distance and to the use of the facial mask




Modulo per la richiesta della priorità di accesso all'aula
Exam Tests Adjustment
Esoneri/riduzione dei contributi universitari per studenti con disabilità