Peer mentoring

The student mentoring service is aimed at enabling students with disabilities or SLD/Specific Learning Disorder to take part in lectures and study activities. The service, which is carried out by "150 hours" students (i.e. students undertaking a 150-hour traineeship programme at the University), senior students or volunteers of the National Civil Service, provides student-to-student support.
Through a study plan that is tailored to the student’s needs, adopting special and compensatory measures, this service aims at removing or reducing the obstacles that students with disabilities and/or certified disorders may encounter during their study experience.
The University also offers further support through adapted courses and assistance in drawing up concept maps, based on each individual’s needs and skills. The peer mentoring services will be provided on the basis of the specific needs of the students with disabilities who have applied for them.
The peer mentor will propose a Work Plan which will include the lectures to be attended, the subjects to be studied and the student’s weekly agenda. When defining the plan, the academic career of the applicant will be taken into account. The Inclusion and Accessibility Service will then verify the learning outcomes achieved by students who have been assigned a peer mentor.
If you need peer mentoring, please write to including the following in your e-mail message:
  • your Student ID number;
  • degree programme title;
  • modules/exams for which you request peer mentoring;
  • please attach a certificate confirming your disability or SLD/Specific Learning Disorder, if it has not already been sent to us.
Service managed by:
Unit Inclusion and Accessibility