Exemptions and benefits

Students wishing to apply for exemption from fees and contributions for reasons related to their disability should complete and send the relevant APPLICATION FORM by email to inclusione@ateneo.univr.it attaching the following documents:
  • a copy of the certificate pursuant to art. 3 of Law no. 104/1992 or of the civil disability, visual condition or hearing disability, showing the percentage/rating of disability certified;
  • a copy of a valid ID document;
  • a copy of your tax ID no (codice fiscale).
These documents must be submitted in order to obtain the exemption or reduction granted by the law and the Regulations on reduced student fees.

The form must be sent at the beginning of the new academic year before the payment of the first instalment and in any case within the deadline set out in the Regulations on reduced student fees in force:
a) when you enrol for the first time in a degree programme, after completing the procedure on the ESSE3 portal, when your Student ID number is created (VR....);
or at a time subsequent to enrolment;
b) in the event of invalidity occurring during the degree programme;
c) in the event of non-payment of tuition fees for more than one academic year;
d) whenever a new Student ID number is created during your time at the University (e.g. enrolment in a Master's degree following completion of a Bachelor's degree; enrolment in postgraduate courses, etc.)

N.B. Please remember to enter your IBAN on the ESSE3 portal (you must be the holder or the co-holder of the relevant bank account), in order to be able to receive any refunds.
Following your submission, our Office will process your documents and update your status within the next seven days.
You will be able to see this on the ESSE3 portal under the ‘Segreteria’ section.
If nothing appears within seven days, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail to check your request status.
Please let us know by email if anything changes with regard to your disability status (e.g. following a medical exam) or your student life at the University (withdrawing from studies, resuming studies, graduating, enrolment in another degree programme, etc.).
PLEASE NOTE: Those who submit a request for exemption/reduction due to disability may also request a reduction based on their financial situation by submitting, in addition to the above-mentioned form, a Single Benefits Form or DUB (Domanda Unica Benefici), available on the ESSE3 portal under the ‘Segreteria’ section.
Students who need assistance in printing the pagoPA payment form for the payment of student fees must send their request by email to inclusione@ateneo.univr.it seven days before the deadline for payment of the relevant instalment according to the deadlines indicated in the relevant Call for applications.
For further information on benefits and exemptions, please see the relevant web page.


Esoneri/riduzione dei contributi universitari per studenti con disabilità