Inclusion and Accessibility

The Inclusion and Accessibility unit provides students with disabilities and SLD/learning disabilities with the following personalised services:
  • support for enrolment procedures
  • assistance and auxiliary aids when taking an admission test
  • scholarships and benefits for students
  • support and assistive technologies
  • transport and assistance for moving around the University
  • help with your paperwork and administrative procedures
  • activities for social inclusion.

For further information on the services offered please refer to the Inclusion and Accessibility Guide to Services, available online.

Servizi gestiti da Inclusion and Accessibility

Vittorio Corradini
Polo Zanotto, palazzo di Lettere, piano terra, stanze T.07, T.08, T.09 - Via San Francesco, 22 - 37129 Verona
+39 045 8028 786
+39 045 802 8593

Opening hours

Front office: dal lunedì al venerdì ore 9.00-14.00
Aula studio: al momento