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UNI4EQUITY - Objectives

Strengthening universities response to sexual harassment with an equity approach
The goal of Uni4Equity is to strengthen the ability of universities to identify, map and respond to on-line and off-line sexual harassment (SH) at workplace and other relevant settings (classrooms, digital space), with an explicit (but not exclusive) focus on minority social groups.


Specific Objectives

  1. To reinforce universities teams, networks, and units in charge of gender equality issues through structural reforms, improved work processes and the engagement of key stakeholders for the prevention of SH.
  2. To promote mutual learning and exchange of good practices to identify and tackle SH at the university among different target groups.
  3. To increase the social awareness about the importance of rejecting all forms of SH and the need to contribute to its prevention among university members.
  4. To improve the skills and the capacity of professionals and the availability of tools and resources to address and follow-up on SH.
  5. To reduce the risk factors of exposure to SH at different levels of relationships (interpersonal, institutional and social) for different university target groups, including minority social groups.
  6. To minimize the impact that SH may have on victims.
  7. To contribute to the acknowledge of the universities as an asset to prevent and response this problem.
  8. To address and prevent SH at universities as a priority issue for gender equality promotion.