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UNI4EQUITY - Methodology

Strengthening universities response to sexual harassment with an equity approach
To achieve the project's objectives, a large-scale, long-term action program will be designed, implemented and evaluated at different levels of prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary) and implementation (interpersonal, social and institutional).

What are the main tenets of Uni4equity?

I criteri fondamentali di Uni4Equity sono il mixed-methods approach, la social equity e la partecipazione


What is Uni4equity's target group?

University studentsteachers and administrative and service staff.

Including minority social groups, people in different positions at the university and other external partners such as private companies, public institutions, associations... as well as local, national and European authorities as a multiplying factor.

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The mixed method methodological approach contains different phases: 

PHASE 1. Initial multi-country mixed methods assessment (WP2)

PHASE 2. Design and implementation of prevention strategies (WP3, WP4, WP5)

✔ Universal Interventions (primary). Targeted to groups or the general population without regard to individual risk.

✔ Selective Interventions (secondary). Targeted at individuals with higher risk for suffering sexual harassment.

 Indicated Interventions (tertiary). Targeted at cases of sexual harassment (victims and aggressors).

PHASE 3. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of interventions (WP6)

Working packages( go to Alicante University website)