Enrolment procedures

If you intend to enrol in an ‘open’ degree programme, or if you have passed the admission test of a limited-entry degree programme, you must:
  • register on ESSE3 if this is your first registration at the University of Verona. If you have already registered in the system, you should not register anew but start straight from point 2 below;  
  • log into ESSE3 with your username and password, and fill out the application form online (pre-enrolment), uploading a scanned copy of your ID document;
  • pay the first instalment of tuition fees and taxes via PagoPA;
  • wait for the confirmation email. Please note: you will not receive the confirmation email immediately, since the Enrolment Office will need to process and check your documents and   qualifications before    confirming your enrolment. Nevertheless, once you have paid the first instalment, you won’t need to do anything more, unless the Enrolment Office needs you to provide further information about your application, or additional documents.

At the time of submitting your application for enrolment, you should pay particular attention when choosing between the different enrolment options available: 
 • Standard enrolment (Immatricolazione standard), if this is the first time you have enrolled in an Italian university;
 • Recognition of prior learning (Abbreviazione di carriera), if you already have a degree of the same level, and now wish to gain recognition of the modules or exams you took during your previous learning experience;
 • Transfer from another university (Trasferimento in ingresso), if you intend to transfer from another university. Please check the procedure for transfer (procedura di trasferimento) before applying;
 • Lapsed enrolment (Studente decaduto), if you have been enrolled as a student at the University of Verona, but took your last exam more than eight years ago. Please check the relevant teaching regulations, because these might have changed over time; 
 • Withdrawn student (studente rinunciatario), if you have withdrawn from studies. 
Those who have already enrolled in a degree programme at the University of Verona and intend to change degree programme, must apply for transfer in accordance with the relevant terms and deadlines.

Information about admission procedures of international students, or students holding a foreign qualification, can be found on the web page of the International student desk

The deadlines for submitting applications for limited-entry degree programmes are set out in the relevant Call for applications.
The deadlines for submitting applications for ‘open’ degree programmes are made available on the University’s website, at: https://www.univr.it/en/iscrizioni and in the “How to enrol” section of the relevant degree programme web page.

To enrol you must pay the first instalment of tuition fees and taxes by the deadline set out in the relevant Call for applications of the chosen degree programme. For information about tuition fees please go to: www.univr.it/benefici

If you intend to apply for recognition of prior learning because you have already gained a degree, or because your enrolment has lapsed, or if you have withdrawn from studies, you must apply for recognition of prior learning at the Teaching and Student Services Unit of the degree programme you’re applying for. Your application must be submitted under the terms and by the deadlines set out for your chosen degree programme, and using the specific form available here: Segreterie Studenti
Please note:
In addition to those who specifically enrol for “abbreviazione carriera” (thus requesting to have their previous learning experiences recognised), the recognition of prior learning can be requested also by those enrolling who have withdrawn, or whose enrolment has lapsed.
Students transferring from another university cannot apply for this scheme.
Service managed by:
Unit Enrolments Unit


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