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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS is a university service aimed at providing international students with all the information they need to study at the University of Verona.
You are an “International student” if you hold a foreign university degree (or equivalent qualification) and you are not an italian citizen. Please note: in order to apply successfully to any Italian university you will need to have completed at least 12 years of school.

Applications for the academic year 2020/2021:
• For International Master’s degree programmes:
- Non-EU citizens living outside EU: the call for applications is open from 20 December 2019 to 31 March 2020.
- EU citizens and non-EU citizens living in EU:
please go to Non-EU students holding a valid Italian study permit will be allowed to take the admission tests in order to enrol in one of the University’s programmes under the same terms and conditions as the EU citizens, and they will be included in the same ranking list.
• For other Master's and Bachelor’s degree programmes: please go to
• If you’d like to attend individual modules and take the corresponding exams without having to enrol in a specific degree programme, please go to Enrolment in single courses

Non-EU citizens living outside EU

BEFORE LEAVING FOR ITALY From March to July 2020 you will need to carry out the pre-enrolment procedures through the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Please note: you can only indicate one preference, i.e. only one degree programme at one university (each programme has a number of available places for non-EU citizens). You will also need to request a study visa.

You must take and pass an Italian language test, which will take place at the CLA (University Language Centre) end of August - beginning of September 2020 (the date will be indicated by the Ministry).
Students who meet the following requirements are not required to take an Italian language test:
1) those who hold an Italian language qualification (B2 CEFR level), issued by one of the following institutions: “Università per stranieri di Perugia”, “Università per stranieri di Siena”, “Università Roma Tre”, “Società Dante Alighieri”;
2) those who whish to enrol in an English-taught Master’s degree Studying at the University of Verona: SCHOLARSHIPS (
The University of Verona offers a range of scholarships to reward excellent students and/or to help those from lower income families. Scholarships are intended to cover part of the Student’s living expenses for each year of study. TUITION FEES
General information on tuition fees for international students

The University of Verona supports students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorder (SLD)/learning disabilities from enrolment to graduation by providing them with the support they need to effectively participate in the educational activities of the University.
Our University has chosen to promote a culture of inclusion, valuing diversity and enhancing the strengths of each person, providing training tailored to each individual’s needs through specific auxiliary aids and services.

Italian universities do not generally have a campus system. International students in Verona can find accommodation in student residences, or share a private flat with other students.
Validation of foreign qualifications (richieste di equipollenza): academic qualifications from foreign universities are not ‘automatically’ accepted. To have your qualifications recognised at our University, you should get in touch with the International Student Desk. Relevant information is also available on the CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) website. To get your qualifications recognised for any other purposes (e.g. public procurement, or for admission to regulated professions) you’ll need to contact the relevant national authorities.
  • Request for the recognition of foreign qualifications.  Applicants need to complete a specific form, to be delivered to the International Student Desk together with the relevant documents and a €16 stamp duty (marca da bollo).
  • Required documents. Documents must be delivered to the International Student Desk (ground floor, San Francesco Cloister – Via San Francesco 22) by appointment only.
In relation to the current closure of the University’s offices due to the Covid-19 emergency situation, until 31 May 2020 it will be possible for applicants to book an online Zoom meeting with a member of staff of the International Office to obtain further information and advice on their qualifications and the correct application procedures to be followed once the University’s offices reopen. To book an appointment please write to:
Alessandra Parisi, Alberto Sannite
Service managed by:
Unit International Relations Office
+39 045 802 8333 - 8671 dal lunedì al venerdì / Monday to Friday, 9.30AM - 12.30PM


Monday-Wednesday-Friday (10.00 - 12.45)
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Study in Verona / Call for applications
For pre-admissions and for the awarding of 16 scholarships for non-EU citizens.


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Recognition of foreign academic qualification
Tuition fees for non-EU citizens