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The “Teaching and Learning Center” of the Department of Human Sciences aims to: 1) Enhance research on Higher education on Instructional practices; 2) Support the various actors to improve the evidence-based quality of their actions, sharing a rich collection of resources (archives of educational “common goods”), offering individual and group counselling, organizing and accompanying training sessions and promoting the practices of teachers peer-review. The main research topics are as follows: • Analysis of educational practices at higher education level form the teachers and students point of view • Analysis of efficacy of specific teaching strategies (lecture, class teaching, exercises, supervision, examination, co-examination, distance teaching, inquiry learning, problem-based learning, Internet-based teaching etc.) • Analysis of initial and in-service training for university teachers in different contexts (models, PBL courses, workshops, academic development, collegial guidance and supervision…) • Analysis of widespread teachers and students beliefs about teaching and learning and their impact on practices • Models for designing teaching programs and activities • Models and tools to assess student achievements • Models and tools to evaluate teaching • Analysis of the effectiveness of peer supervision and mentoring on the development of competencies by teachers • Analysis of the characteristics of repositories which could support teaching and learning • Analysis of how participating in management tasks (i.e. study administration tasks: study board membership, accreditation tasks, participating to committees and commissions etc.) can help developing educational competencies
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