‘Luigi Ambrosoli’ Library, Department of Cultures and Civilizations

Polo umanistico economico giuridico
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The library (STL in the collective catalogue) was created from a fusion of the Institute of Geography and the Institute of History. It collects, organises and conserves documentary and informational material of historical, geographic, bibliographic, archaeological and sociological interest to support the department's teaching and research and the informational and cultural needs of scholars in the field. It holds around 25,000 volumes, 162 periodicals (41 of which are current subscriptions), microfiches, CD-ROMs, DVDs, video cassettes and maps, all searchable through the university catalogue (https://universe.univr.it).

The library has a reading room with seating for 12 and a computer workstation to search the library catalogue.

Opening hours

Dal lunedì al giovedì ore 9-18, venerdì ore 9-13. 


Information and contact details
Elisabetta Albrigi
Sala di lettura: 045/8028189; Ufficio bibliotecaria: 045/8028429
biblioteche.umanistiche@ateneo.univr.it; elisabetta.albrigi@univr.it
Viale Università 4 37129 Verona
3° piano del Polo Zanotto, stanza 3.11

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