University’s Sustainability Committee

University’s Sustainability Committee
The University’s Sustainability Committee aims to raise awareness of environmental, social and economic sustainability issues among the university and local communities, so that people can adapt their lifestyles accordingly, and become more capable of making responsible choices oriented towards the common good.
Expertise in sustainability, and respect for others, for places and the planet in general, are at the heart of the actions that the University’s Sustainability Committee undertakes every day.
Some members of the University's Sustainability Committee are part of the working groups of the University Network for Sustainability (RUS). The Committee's activities are manifold and mainly consist in training and awareness raising initiatives aimed at promoting a multi-faceted culture of sustainability by adopting an interdisciplinary approach.
Our “mission” is to contribute – in a symbolic yet practical way – to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.
Please see our web page A sustainable University to find out more about our initiatives.

In order to carry out many of these activities, the University’s Sustainability Committee works closely with various stakeholders at the local level.

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