Transfers to another UNIVR degree programme


Students enrolled in a University of Verona degree programme wishing to transfer to another Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme taught at the University of Verona must follow the steps below:  
1) log into ESSE3 the  portal by using your login details, then fill in the application form in your personal area by clicking on: ‘Carriera > Passaggio di corso” >  Inserisci Domanda di Passaggio > Domande di Passaggio’;
2) pay the first instalment of your tuition fees - if not already paid - and the relevant ‘stamp duty’ (imposta di bollo) via PagoPA  (see ‘Pagamenti’ section on ESSE3). Please make sure that you have paid all your instalments from the previous years, or else you will not be able to go any further.
N.B.: steps 1 and 2 must be completed by the deadline set out in the relevant Call for applications (for limited-entry degree programmes) or academic calendar (for ‘Open’ degree programmes).


  1. if you’re applying to transfer to a limited-entry degree programme, you must first pass the admission test Limited-entry degree programmes – Admissions, i.e. before applying for a transfer, you must either be included among the admitted applicants in the ‘graduatoria’, or you must have been selected at a later stage of the selection process;
  2. this procedure does not apply to Health Professions courses. Please refer to the relevant Call for applications;
  3. this procedure does not apply to students wishing to transfer to another degree programme from the second year onwards. Should this be your case, please contact your Teaching and Student Services Unit: