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5. Documents to be submitted at the end of the mobility

5.1 Upon return

Within 30 days after the end of the mobility students must submit the following documents to the International Office at Univr:

  • Certificate of Stay, completed and signed by the Host University also in the “DEPARTURE” section, without manual corrections in the date / name section
  • Learning Agreement “BEFORE the Mobility” Esse3 (approved by both Sending and Receiving Institutions)
  • in case of changes, Learning Agreement “DURING the Mobility” Esse3 (approved by both Sending and Receiving Institutions)
  • Transcript of Records / Research report for thesis or internship, signed by the Host Institution (see 5.3)
  • Final questionnaire (Participant Report) relating to the Erasmus+ experience abroad (to be filled online).

Once the office has checked the documents, students have to access Esse3 and upload the following attachments in their application (see Esse3 Guidelines for Erasmus+ mobility):

  • Final Learning Agreement fully signed (including LA changes, if any)
  • Certificate of stay
  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • Any further attachments required for specific Study Course regulations

If any of the documents listed above is missing by the deadline, Univr will ask for the return of the whole grant / contributions, as indicated in the Financial Contract (see 1.6).

5.2 Calculation of the actual amount of the Erasmus+ mobility grant

In order to calculate the actual amount of the mobility grant, the dates indicated by the Host University on the Certificate of stay are considered, together with the dates stated in the Transcript of Records (TOR). The TOR must contain the dates corresponding to the actual start and end of the academic activity (lessons / exams / any language courses / internships).

To calculate the duration of mobility this rule is conventionally applied: 1 month = 30 days. In case of incomplete months, the financial contribution is calculated by multiplying the number of days of the incomplete month by 1/30 of the monthly grant.

Activities shorter than 2 months (i.e. 60 days) are not eligible, and students will be asked to refund the whole grant. Notwithstanding the minimum duration, when the mobility period is shorter than the months stated in the Financial Contract:

  • if the difference between the real period and the expected period is greater than 5 days, the contribution is recalculated based on the actual days spent abroad certified by the Host University
  • if the difference is equal to or less than 5 days, the contribution is paid as provided in the Financial Agreement.

Financial coverage for mobility is assigned only for the period physically spent abroad (= physical mobility).

In case of attested needs, in agreement with Univr and the Host University, the mobility can be organized as blended mobility. In this case the contribution is recognized only for the physical mobility part (in compliance with the minimum duration = 60 days).

5.3 Transcript of Records

After the conclusion of the mobility period and according to its own deadlines and procedures, the Host University must provide students with a certificate of the academic activities (Transcript of Records corresponding to the LA section "After the Mobility"), aimed at recognizing the activities carried out during the study period abroad. In the case of research for thesis, a PhD research, or an internship, students have to request a document from the Host University containing:

  • a description of the activity carried out successfully (to integrate the Transcript of Records)
  • any useful information for the purpose of career recognition (ECTS number and/or number of hours).

5.4 Recognition of activities

Within 30 days after the receipt of the Transcript of Records by the Host University, students have to request recognition of the activities at the relevant Student’s office for the specific Study Course, in accordance with University Regulations for international student mobility and the specific Regulations for each area of study. It is also necessary to upload all the documents in the appropriate online section in Esse3 (see Esse3 Guidelines for Erasmus+ mobility).

To validate the credits gained abroad in order to obtain tax exemption and/or Univr merit grants, students are strongly recommended to ask for the recognition as soon as possible. This way, the career will be up-to-date at the time of the submission of tax exemption / merit grant application.

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