Research Promotion and Development Unit

The Research Promotion and Development Unit is dedicated to search funding for our university's research projects, from the idea to the submission of proposals applications.

The unit’s activities focus on local, national, European and international funding opportunities for research in all disciplines and topics.

In particular, the unit:

  • promotes a better knowledge of the main funding programmes, and of national, European, and international policies to support research, through courses and seminars to inform the researchers and deeply analyze funding opportunities
  • provides support to researchers in finding the best funding opportunities for their needs and project ideas
  • assists researchers in the preparation and submission of proposals, supporting them with the technical review of the contents / sections of the project proposals, including the description of work packages, deliverables, the elaboration of Gantt charts, and the preparation of the budget.
  • Furthermore, the unit is a point of reference for researchers from outside our university, who choose the University of Verona to conduct their research thanks to specific funding such as the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships, the Rita Levi Montalcini fellowships, the European Research Council.

    Finally, the unit collaborates with the other university offices in the collection and analysis of data on funding requests and research grants received.

Servizi gestiti da Research Promotion and Development Unit

Alessio Lorenzi
Via San Francesco, 22 - 37129 Verona

Persone dell'Unità Operativa

Daniela Grisi
Daniela Grisi
Supporto alla progettazione per la ricerca
+39 0458028449
Claudio Nidasio
Claudio Nidasio
Supporto alla progettazione
+39 045 802 8573


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