Coronavirus 'Phase Three' - Info for Students

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Covid-19 Updates 

2 May 2022 Update of 2 May 2022: Covid-related measures

INFO FOR STUDENTS - A.Y. 2021/2022: lectures, exams and Green Pass requirements

Guidelines on teaching - academic year 2021-2022
Professional Master’s programmes, advanced and professional development courses
Attending lectures on site: 100% of classroom capacity allowed (Update of 28 January 2022)
Priority access to lectures (on site) for students with disabilities and/or SLD
Prolungamento della disponibilità della registrazione delle lezioni per studentesse Recorded lectures now available for longer for students with disabilities and/or SLDe studenti con disabilità e/o DSA
Green Pass/Covid certificate requirement for individuals taking part in activities on University premises (Update of 28 January 2022)
Health-related internships (Update of 28 January 2022)
Attendance records for students attending lectures
Online exams request form for exams and graduation ceremonies (Updated of 12 January 2022)
Access to University premises and facilities, and Green Pass checking procedures (Update of 7 October 2021)
Study spaces
Ban on eating food at the University has now been reinstated (Update of 12 January 2022)
Sports at the University (Update of 12 January 2022)
Update from the University’s Covid-19 Contact Person


Can I travel abroad for a period of work or study/training?
As a student taking part in an international mobility programme, am I only supposed to attend courses remotely (online – Distance Learning), or can I attend courses on site as well? Do I necessarily need to travel abroad to attend online lectures?
What do I have to do before leaving and once I have arrived at my destination?
Where can I find information on insurance and health insurance coverage?
If necessary, can I return to Italy before the end of the mobility period?
Where can I find useful information to plan my return trip to Italy?
How do I contact the University’s offices if these are closed?


AGGIORNAMENTO DELL'UNITA' DI CRISI DEL 08.04.2021 - Specifica in merito ai tirocini curriculari dei corsi di laurea, laurea magistrale, extra-curriculari e dei corsi di studio post-lauream
AGGIORNAMENTO DEL 15.03.2021 - Ulteriori specificazioni per la zona rossa