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4 July 2020

The University of Verona working to resume in-person teaching activities from September

The University of Verona has succeeded in ensuring that teaching activities could continue without interruption despite the Covid-19 emergency. In-person graduations and exams have already resumed, and the start of the next academic year is already planned, with the aim of getting everyone back to classes safely.

The social distancing measures established to date by the Government require a reduced number of students per classroom, but the University’s structures and the Student Council are making every effort to reorganise classrooms and find new spaces, so as to guarantee students from all courses the opportunity to attend lectures on site at the University.

A new Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) is expected shortly as the current one will expire on 14 July. Presumably, the Ministry will provide new guidelines for the universities, as it has done so far, and we hope that these can improve the situation further in coming out of the emergency. Indeed, Minister Manfredi himself in these days has declared his willingness to resume in-person activities from September.

In light of the new ministerial guidelines, the University of Verona will proceed with their implementation in order to guarantee the best quality of teaching.

We therefore continue to work to resume in-person activities at the University from the beginning of the new academic year, while at the same time ensuring that students who cannot be physically present can continue to attend lectures remotely via distance learning.


22 June 2020

Update on the summer exam session

As an update of the document ‘Update of the Operative guidelines for ‘Phase 2’, from 18 June 2020’ issued by the University’s Covid-19 Task Force, please find below a clarification regarding In-person exams in the summer session:

  • from the second exam round (appello) onwards of the same exam session (sessione), the responsible lecturers can choose whether to change the examination methods (from online to in-person exams) for oral and written exams (in the latter case, the same type of written exam must be maintained);
  • in any event, students must be given the opportunity to take the exam remotely if they wish so;
  • the times and dates originally set for the exam round in question must be maintained.

In addition, lecturers intending to change examination methods from online to in-person mode in July are advised that they should agree it in advance with the Chair of the relevant Teaching Committee, and then notify the decision to the relevant Teaching and Student Services Unit by Thursday 25 June 2020, so that the Unit can inform the technical services of the room and dates concerned in order to arrange for the cleaning procedures.

Prof. Federico Schena, Rector's Delegate for Teaching and Education


‘Phase two - Operative guidelines’ updates from 18 June 2020

In the meeting held on Wednesday 17 June 2020, the University’s Covid-19 task force has issued a new document which updates the ‘Phase two’ operative guidelines for the University of Verona, in relation to and in accordance with the provisions contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM) of 11 June 2020 and the Regional Ordinance no. 59 of 13 June 2020.

Please find below the latest version of the Authorisation forms for students working on their dissertation, PhD students, and scholarship/research grant holders:


Teaching activities - updates on teaching modes for the a.y. 2020/2021

11 June 2020

In order to respond adequately to the continuing emergency situation, and pending specific ministerial provisions, the University, in order to meet the organisational needs of students, teaching staff and technical-administrative staff, has deemed it necessary to set out the methods for carrying out teaching activities for the academic year 2020/2021 according to the following principles:

  1. we recognise the importance of in-person teaching activities, where compatible with safety requirements;
  2. we ensure that all activities can also be accessed online and remotely, with the sole exception of activities for which national legislation requires the physical presence of participants;
  3. we ensure that activities are organised always taking into account the needs of people with disabilities and/or SLD - specific learning needs.

In order to implement these principles, in compliance with the current guidelines and compatibly with the available University’s structures, the activities of degree programmes and courses will be organised as follows:

  1. Master’s degree programmes: dual mode (i.e. both in person and remotely);
  2. Bachelor’s degree programmes: remotely, with the exception of the first year of study, in which activities will be offered in dual mode (in person and remotely) in a way that is compatible with the safety measures of physical distancing in place for ‘Phase three’;
  3. Single cycle/Combined Bachelor+Master’s degree programmes: dual mode (i.e. both in person and remotely), depending on the year of study, and based on what has been set out by each degree programme;
  4. PhD programmes, Postgraduate Specialisation programmes, Professional Master’s programmes, and postgraduate courses: dual mode (i.e. both in person and remotely); activities will be offered at times compatible with the priority activities of each course.

All the practical activities (practicals and laboratory activities) will be provided in a dual mode (i.e. both in person and remotely), according to organisational guidelines in line with the needs of each course.

It will be the responsibility of the University's bodies, Rector’s Delegates, Directorates and the Crisis Unit, specifically set up to tackle this emergency, to provide maximum support to the University’s Schools, Departments, Teaching Committees and Teaching and Student Services Units during the complex process of planning and organisation, necessary to implement these guidelines. These will be promptly updated where necessary due to changes in the situation, and/or legislative or regulatory requirements.


Prof. Pier Francesco Nocini


‘Phase two - Operative guidelines’ updates from 3 June 2020

In the meeting held on Friday 29 May 2020, the University’s Covid-19 task force has issued a new document which updates the ‘Phase two’ operative guidelines. (nota prot. 141666 del 30 aprile 2020).


Services for students will continue to be available in 'Phase two', as described below.

The University has ensured that all students can continue and complete their studies, take part in their graduation sessions, and take their Summer exams, online.

 Guidelines for online exams are now available here.
 For further information please go to: Online exams.

 Info for students - at your fingertips

For further information and details please see notice prot. 141666 of 30 April 2020, in which the University of Verona has set out the operative guidelines for ‘Phase two’.



All teaching activities (including lectures, exams, and graduation sessions) will be held online until further notice.


Students doing a health-related internship can work remotely. However, they may be authorised to work on site with the approval of the Director of the relevant degree programme. In the latter case, the student concerned must provide their consent.


Students doing a non-health-related internship can work both remotely and on site, subject to approval by the host organisation, and provided the host organisation has adopted a safety protocol for the Covid-19 outbreak. Should these methods not be feasible, a written work may replace the internship, subject to approval by the relevant Lecturer/Tutor.


Students working on their dissertation can do so at the University, provided this has been previously approved by their Supervisor (please fill out the Authorisation form for students).


Library consultation rooms to reopen from 23 June to university users. Book borrowing services by reservation and appointment only

On Tuesday 23 June 2020 consultation rooms at the University’s libraries will reopen to university users only, who will be allowed to access them up to the number of users allowed by social distancing measures. Please note: users must always wear protective masks and sanitise their hands using the hydroalcoholic gel available at the entrance.

Consultation rooms at the Frinzi, Meneghetti, and Santa Marta libraries will be open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 3 pm to teaching staff, students, technical-administrative staff, staff of the University Hospital of Verona (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata di Verona), students working on their dissertation, PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders. In order to access the library, all users will need to complete and submit this form, which can also be collected and completed on-site.

Users are advised that they should use the available places in a responsible manner. Priority will be given to users who need to consult bibliographic sources not otherwise available.

PLEASE NOTE: the newspaper library (emeroteca) at Frinzi Library is currently closed for necessary maintenance work. However, interested users will be able to request paper items in the consultation room.

Departmental libraries

Departmental libraries (specialist libraries) are open to teaching staff, students, technical-administrative staff, staff of the University Hospital of Verona (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata di Verona), students working on their dissertation, PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders who have their authorisation form signed by their Research or Dissertation Supervisor (go to: form for students working on their dissertation or form for PhD students and scholarship and research grant holders). Please book an appointment by email with your supervisor. Access is only intended for consultation of sources not otherwise available.

Opening hours

  • G. Zanotto Law Library from Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 3 pm
  • W. Busch Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • L. Ambrosoli Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • F. Riva Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • E. Bianchi Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • Education Science Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • Library of the Economics Campus in Vicenza on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9-12.30 am / 1.30-5 pm
  • Movement Sciences Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am -1 pm
  • Libraries of Biotechnology, Computer Science and Psychiatry: please contact Meneghetti Library.


Borrowing books

Users will be able to access the library’s premises only after having reserved the book online by clicking here on Universe. Please wait for confirmation, after which you will need to arrange a day and time for collection during the opening hours specified above. Book items that are part of a syllabus of a degree programme and books marked as ‘consultation’ on Universe can be borrowed for 48 hours only (not including encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals…).

Returning books

This can only be done by using the self-service boxes outside, when library premises are open. Please note: the self-service box at the Meneghetti Library has been moved to the atrium of the Biological Institutes (Istituti Biologici).

Girarticolo and Giralibro

Girarticolo: without needing to go to the library in person, it will be possible for users to request and receive through Universe articles or sections of books owned by the University's libraries, in compliance with copyright regulations. Just click on ‘Richiedi ai servizi interbibliotecari’ on Universe.

Giralibro: by logging into Universe and clicking on Prenota il ritiro dei libri in biblioteca, university users will be able to order a book online that is part of the collection of the University’s libraries, and collect it at a library of their choice.

Inter-library loans service

Inter-library loans service allows users to request articles, book sections and books from other national and international libraries, subject to availability from the external libraries in question.

Online services

All the online library services remain available to online users - for further information: FAQ #lamiabibliotecadacasa or ask a librarian by completing the form.

Photocopying: photocopiers can be used in the libraries.


Students will be allowed to access University’s administrative and student services offices only in exceptional circumstances - by appointment, and always wearing a surgical mask that they will need to bring from home.


Student orientation activities will continue remotely. For further information please go to: prospective students web page


All CLA-administered tests and exams scheduled from mid-May onwards - 'prove in itinere' and normal language proficiency tests and exams - will only take place online.


Written and oral exams for the next Summer session will only take place online.

  • Starting from 11 May 2020, the dates for the next exam rounds will be made available, as well as the operative guidelines on written exams to be administered and taken online.


 Information for prospective students


Coming soon: information about the admission tests for the a.y. 2020/2021 degree programmes will be soon made available.


 Information for doctors in specialist training


Doctors in specialist training will continue their activities as long as these are carried out within the Veneto Region. Doctors in specialist training who have a contract with the Autonomous Province of Trento, and with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, are not required to carry out their training within the Veneto Region.


 Information for PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders


PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders can carry out their research activities at the University, provided they have been previously authorised by their Academic Supervisor (please fill out the Authorisation form for PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders, etc.).


 Special educational needs


With regard to postgraduate specialisation courses for Special educational needs (SEN) teachers, the dates for the postponed pre-admission tests are set out as follows:

  • 22 September 2020 - scuola infanzia (pre-school teachers)
  • 24 September 2020 - scuola primaria (primary school teachers)
  • 29 September 2020 - scuola secondaria di I grado (1st level - lower secondary school teachers)
  • 1 October 2020 - scuola secondaria di II grado (2nd level - higher secondary school teachers)


 State Examinations


The dates of the first session of the State Examinations, which was postponed as set out in Ministerial Orders no. 1194 and no. 1195 of 28 December 2019, are set out as follows:

  • application deadline: 22 June 2020
  • first written exam 'Albo A': 16 July 2020
  • first written exam 'Albo B': 24 July 2020

The examination will consist of an oral test carried out remotely. The exam will cover all topics covered by the relevant regulations.


  In addition, the following measures remain in place:


Access to the University for Lab activities and practicals is subject to approval by the Teaching Committee of each degree programme, which shall set out the relevant procedures: please see web page of your degree programme for updates and details.


Study rooms and spaces remain closed.


Starting from 2 March 2020, lectures can only be delivered online via distance learning. Please find further information on activities that will be rescheduled on the web page of each degree programme in the ‘Notice’ section (Bacheca avvisi). 


Lectures can only be delivered online via distance learning, or rescheduled upon decision by the relevant Programme Director.
The Rector has announced the adoption of an emergency Rector’s Decree in order to extend by 45 days the deadlines for the payment of the second and third instalments of tuition fees for Professional Master’s programmes, advanced and professional development courses, originally due in March, April, May, and June 2020.


Lectures that are part of the '24 scheme' for the 2019/2020 academic year will be delivered online via distance learning. For further information see web page of each module and the ‘Notice’ section (Bacheca avvisi).


Office hours of lecturers and teaching staff can only be held online, and by appointment. Please contact your lecturer to arrange an online meeting.


University’s canteens and cafeterias are closed from 23 February 2020 until further notice. Please check the website of ESU Verona.


Extracurricular internships are suspended until 17 May 2020, unless the internship is carried out remotely. Moreover, no new extracurricular internships shall be established and started by the University of Verona until 17 May 2020.


The deadlines for the payment of university tuition fees have been extended as follows:

second instalment, originally due on 31 March 2020 —> to be paid by 15 May 2020;

third instalment, originally due on 1 June 2020 —> to be paid by 15 July 2020.


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