Academic Senate

Academic Senate
In general terms the Academic Senate makes proposals and acts as a consultative body in matters relating to teaching, research and student services. The Academic Senate’s institutional obligations include making proposals and assessments relating to the University’s triannual programming and to any other documents regarding strategic development; assessing the courses offered; providing to the Administrative Board its assessment of the University’s mission, values and vision; and approving, following approval by the Administrative Board, the General University Regulations, the Department Regulations and the regulations regarding teaching and research. In order to examine particular matters, the Academic Senate may appoint committees overseen by one of its own members with special expertise in the field. Committee members may be external to the Senate and appointed according to professional competence. The Academic Senate may request the committees to provide opinions or proposals and fix time frames within which they must be made. The committees on their own initiative may make proposals to the Senate. The Vice-Rector, the General Director and the head of the Assessment Unit can participate in meetings of the Academic Senate, but without voting rights.


Pier Francesco Nocini

Administrative office
University Bodies Unit
Site: Via dell'Artigliere, 8 Verona
Phone: 045/8028202 - 045/8028764

Meetings and minutes
You can view all the daily agendas and minutes of meetings here.
Meetings and minutes


Verbali del Senato Accademico Allargato (decaduto dal 01.10.2012)
Verbali del Senato Accademico Ristretto (decaduto dal 01.10.2012)