PhD School Board

PhD School Board

The Council function is to implement common educational activities and promote internationalisation.

The Council approves:

  1. the educational activity plans for Ph.D. Programmes as proposed by the Director and Coordinators, providing a uniform system for the allocation of educational credits for each type of activity. It also supports quality assurance processes, monitoring their effectiveness;
  2. development and action plans to ensure the Ph.D. School and Ph.D. Programmes are international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary, as suggested by the individual programmes;
  3. conventions regarding the School’s common activities and the activities defined by the Ph.D. Programmes;
  4. allocation of teaching staff to the Ph.D. Programmes and common educational activities;
  5. use of the budget and any changes made by the Ph.D. School and Ph.D. Programmes during the year;
  6. Director’s annual report on the School’s activities;
  7. changes or additions of Teaching Committee members or change of Coordinator of Ph.D. Programmes, notifying the relevant Department.

The Council is subject to the University’s General Regulations.



Claudio Maffeis

Meetings and minutes
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