The paper-based Benefits Application Form (DUB)

To apply for benefits and incentives at the University of Verona (i.e. scholarships, reduced student fees and/or part-time student collaboration) you’ll need to follow the 2 steps below:

1.  Print the Benefits Application Form (DUB) in PDF format at:, then complete it in full, sign it and submit it to the University of Verona by the deadlines below, by following the instructions set out in the form;
2. Request an ISEE for University statement - year 2021 or an ISEE Equivalent - year 2021 by the same deadline of the Benefits Application Form (DUB). To request an ISEE for University, students must complete a Substitutive Declaration (DSU) – which regards information about their family unit and each family member’s income and assets – and submit it to either one of the following:
- Tax Assistance Centre (CAAF);
- municipality;

Please note that the ISEE statement must include the following text: “si applica alle PRESTAZIONI AGEVOLATE PER IL DIRITTO ALLO STUDIO UNIVERSITARIO” [“for the purpose of university bursaries”] followed by the student’s respective tax numbers (codici fiscali), also in the case of students who have not yet enrolled or who do not yet have a high school diploma.

Students do NOT need to submit a hard copy statement of the ISEE for University statement to the University. Moreover, they do NOT need to communicate to the university any information concerning the value of the ISEE for University statement, since the university has direct access to the INPS database.
Please check that there are no omissions or discrepancies on the ISEE statement, in which case the application will not be accepted. Substitutive Declarations (DSU) submitted from 1 January 2021 onwards will be accepted.

PhD programmes scholarship  30.09.2021 by 1 p.m.
reduced regional tax 15.11.2021 by 1 p.m.
Medical postgraduate specialisation programmes reduced student fees First-year students (please see enrolment year in the documents received from the Teaching and Student Services Unit)
Within 30 days of the beginning of the learning activities as established by Ministerial decree*
Students from their second year onwards 15.11.2021 by 1 p.m.
* First-year students will also submit their application for reduced student fees for their second year.
You will need to list all the benefits you are applying for in a single DUB. Therefore, pay attention to the different deadlines if requesting several benefits. Since the DUB is a single application form to be submitted only once, students will need to send their application by the earliest relevant deadline.

Before submitting any self-declarations, please carefully read the provisions of the specific Call at: Please note that criminal sanctions apply in the event of false or misleading declarations. Moreover, if a declaration is found to contain untruthful information, the benefits granted will be revoked, and the applicant concerned will lose the right to receive further grants for the duration of their course of study, and will have to pay three times the value of the benefits obtained.