How to apply for Flat Tax (€1,000 all-inclusive student fee)


Students who are:
- not EU citizens;
- not residing in Italy;
- in possession of a foreign qualification (i.e. not obtained in Italy)

may apply for a FLAT TAX or annual university fee, i.e. a €1,000 all-inclusive student fee if they failed to obtain an ISEE for University/ISEE Equivalent statement by 15 November to apply for reduced student fees based on their financial situation (ISEE).

To apply for the benefit, applicants will need to submit the relevant application form (available at:, by following the instructions set out in the form, by 15 November at 1 p.m.

The € 1,000 fee shall be paid as follows:

  • 1st instalment: € 339 (includes € 150 first part of fees + € 173 regional tax + € 16 stamp duty) by 15 October;
  • 2nd instalment: € 330,50 (by 31 March);
  • 3rd instalment: € 330,50 (by 31 May).