Final dissertations/theses online


Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students are advised that final dissertations/theses can only be delivered online, exclusively by uploading a file in PDF or PDF/A format on the University’s online portal (Esse3).   In order to do so, you will need to log into the online student’s portal and select ‘Graduation’ from the menu on the left. Please note: before starting the procedure you will be asked to fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire.   If you need further information in this regard, there’s a video tutorial (in Italian) on the steps to take to submit your graduation application.   Once the Supervisor has approved the title of your final dissertation/thesis within the relevant deadline, a new section will appear in your online ‘Dashboard’, where you can upload your final dissertation/thesis. For further information on this point you might find it useful to watch the video tutorial (in Italian).   Should you need to check any deadlines with regard to graduation applications, please see the ‘Documents’ section on the web page of the Teaching and Student Services Unit of your area. The unit is also available to provide further information or support.