University Scholarships and Grants – Prospective Students

By mid-July each year the University issues a Call for applications for the awarding of university scholarships and grants for capable, deserving students with limited financial means. These grants are financial benefits intended to contribute towards covering the students’ maintenance costs. The amount of scholarships and grants depends on the student’s status.

For the purpose of the awards in question, the following definitions are intended:
  • local: Students who reside in the city or surrounding area of the place where they attend their university courses;
  • commuter: Students who reside in a place from which they are able to commute daily to the site where they attend their courses. The distance would be around 40-80 km and/or 40-80 minutes’ travel time;
  • non-local: Students who reside in a place far from where they attend their university courses and thus need to find their own paid accommodation near the campus, making use of a public residential structure or other private accommodation for a period of at least 10 months of the 2019-2020 academic year. If non-local students take accommodation near the campus, that they do not need to pay for, they are considered as commuters.
A table displaying student status according to the place where the student lives is available at the following link.

ISEE statements and 2019/2020 Scholarships and Grants – Deadline: 30 August 2019 at 1pm
The Veneto Region has brought forward to 30 August 2019 at 1pm the deadline for applying for university scholarships and grants. By the same deadline applicants will need to request an ISEE equivalent statement (Indicatore Parificato Universitario or ‘ISEE PARIFICATO’ for short).

Concerning the Call for Applications for scholarships, since the application deadline (30 August 2019) falls in the summer vacation period during which many offices will be closed, we recommend that all interested students request an ISEE for University statement well in advance, or else they might not be able to get an appointment in time with their CAF (Tax Assistance Centre), or tax advisor.

Students may apply under this call for applications if, for the 2019-2020 academic year, they:
  • Are enrolled by the non-extendable deadline of 15/10/2019 (the date of payment of university fees will be the date used), except in the case of different payment deadlines for application calls for limited access degree programmes/degrees with an entry test or students transferring from another university in a: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Single cycle/Combined Bachelor+Master’s degree, PhD programme.
  • Fulfil the financial situation requirements (as attested by the ISEE for University and ISPE).

ATTENTION: Students may apply for such benefits by submitting a Benefits Application Form (DUB), available online in the ESSE3 system (see section ).

Please note: students who have not yet completed their registration at the University (for instance, those who have taken an admission exam/test to apply for a limited access degree programme, and are waiting for the results) can also apply by submitting a Benefits Application Form (DUB).

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