‘Part-time student collaborations’ – Prospective Students

Through ‘part-time student collaborations’, regularly enrolled students have the opportunity to work at the University for a short period and collaborate within the University’s structures and offices devoted to providing student services.
The collaboration – which is paid – has a maximum duration of 150 hours during the calendar year and only students from their second year onwards can apply. The collaboration does not constitute any type of employment relationship with the University.

Deadline for applying for ‘Part-time student collaborations’: 30 September 2019 at 1pm (Italian time)

Students may apply for such benefits by submitting a Benefits Application Form (DUB), available online in the ESSE3 system (see section ‘Segreteria’).

‘Part-time student collaborations’ can be carried out at the university Structures based in the following locations:
  • Verona city centre (Veronetta e Cittadella)
  • Verona Borgo Roma
  • Verona Borgo Venezia
  • San Pietro in Cariano
  • San Floriano
  • Ala/Rovereto/Trento
  • Vicenza
After taking part in a selection process, successful applicants who meet the requirements set out in the relevant Call for applications will be placed in a specific ranking list based on merit, and assigned to a Structure of the University. Where students have an equal merit ranking, those with lesser income conditions (attested by their ISEE for University statement) have priority.
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SPORTELLO FRONT OFFICE (via Vipacco 7): lunedì, martedì, mercoledì e venerdì dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 13.00. CHIUSO il giovedì.


Part-time student collaborations – Official Selection Notice and related documents – Year 2020
FS-C20/Graduatorie provvisorie e Modulo di Rilievo
FS-C20/Graduatorie definitive


FAQ - ‘Part-time student collaborations’