Cooperation with foreign Institutions

The internationalization of a PhD programme can be implemented through different forms of cooperation with foreign universities and research centers.  Below a brief description of three different types of doctoral agreement:  agreement for a "Cotutelle de thèse" (Co-supervised thesis); agreement for an International Exchange Programme, agreement for a Joint Doctoral Programme / International Doctoral Track.

 IDT: International Doctoral Track 
 IEP: International Exchange Programme
 JDP: Joint Doctoral Programme

PhD in Foreign Literatures, Languages and Linguistics
IDT in Linguistics Mobility, dual degree University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) (Norway)
JDP Mobility, dual degree University of Arizona (USA)
IEP Mobility University of Cologne, a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne (Germany)
PhD in Human Sciences
IDT Perception and Language in Cognition Mobility, dual degree University of  Lund (Sweden)
IEP Mobility University of Colorado, Boulder (USA)
PhD in European and International Legal Sciences
IDT in European Private Law of Patrimonial Relationships Mobility, joint degree Regensburg University (Germany)
JDP Mobility, joint degree Bayreuth University (Germany)
PhD in Arts and Archaeology
JDP Mobility, joint degree University of Ghent (Belgium)
PhD in Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies
IDT in Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies in Pharmacy and Translational Medicine Mobility, dual degree “I.M. SECHENOV” First Medical State University (Russia)
IEP Mobility “I.M. SECHENOV” First Medical State University (Russia)
PhD in Biomolecular Medicine
IEP Mobility University of Oldenburg (Germany)
PhD in Philology, Literature, and Performance Studies
IEP Mobility University of Notre Dame Du Lac, Indiana (USA)
PhD in Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences
IEP Mobility Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University (China)
PhD in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer
IEP Mobility Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
IEP Mobility University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA)


DOCTORAL THESIS JOINT SUPERVISION (thesis co-tutoring). Details and procedure.
Agreement for the creation of an International Exchange Programme
Agreement for the creation of a new Joint PhD (Joint Doctoral Programme) or an international track within an already existing PhD (International Doctoral Track)