Leganto Reading Lists

What is Leganto?
Leganto is a service provided by the University Library System and made available to the University’s lecturers and students to enable them to create, manage and use reading lists for each module in an easy and innovative way. 
Leganto allows you to have reading lists of your modules with full bibliographical data and information on library availability for both paper and electronic resources.

How does it work?
Lecturers can add a source simply by searching for it on Leganto, then dragging and dropping it into their chosen reading list. At that point, the complete bibliographic data will be automatically added, ensuring the accuracy of each item information.
The tool also allows you to create new quotes and enrich the reading lists with links to free online resources selected by the lecturer (articles, images, videos...) or with your own slides and lecture notes.
Moreover, via Leganto you can also send to the University Library System the titles of books and resources you would like the library to purchase, if not available.  

How do I log in?
Lecturers can access Leganto from their Dashboard on MyUnivr (intranet).
Students can easily view the reading lists of their modules on the University’s website, by clicking on the relevant link on each module web page. 
Service managed by:
Head Office University Library System Library Electronic Services
E. Meneghetti central library - Medicine, Science and Technology
Arturo Frinzi central library


Leganto Helpdesk via Zoom (on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 10 am to 12 noon). https://univr.zoom.us/j/83540371168 To book a Zoom call at other times, please write to: leganto@ateneo.univr.it