EDUROAM (EDUcation ROAMing) for federated wireless access




EDUROAM  (Education Roaming)

Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.

Eduroam Service Coverage: The map below depicts the European countries that have connected their national top-level RADIUS servers to the European top-level RADIUS server (ETLR). Data are being gathered by the eduroam Operational Team to produce a real-time Google map depicting eduroam coverage in each of the countries. The ETLR are operated by the national research and education networking organisations in the Netherlands - SURFnet - and in Denmark - UNI-C -with funding from the GÉANT (GN3) project.


Eduroam for Italy is coordinated by the Consortium GARR. All universities and research centers accepted the membership rules of the federation and its basic principles, which are:
  • To offer its users which are located with other participating organizations, wireless access to the network infrastructure of the host organization, using the logon credentials used by your membership organization;
  • Ensure protection of credentials and data between roaming user;
Access to the Italian Federation Eduroam is reserved exclusively for institutions associated with the GARR. Eduroam Italian Federation is a member of the European Confederation Eduroam. The aim of the European Confederation Eduroam is to extend internationally the services provided by the national federations, with rules of use as homogeneous as possible, consistent with the differences imposed by national legislation.
Here the map of the participating institutes in Italy.


The Network of the University of Verona is connected to the GARR (Expansion Management Research Network) which provides us connectivity to the entire Internet.

The network of GARR is the Network of the Italian Community of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research and is based on collaborative projects between Italian Universities and public research Institutions.

This is intended to "provide researchers with services independent of geographic location , supporting coordination and collaboration in national and international research and dissemination and experimentation of advanced technologies and new services.”.

Access to the university network is governed by special rules of access and use of GARR (AUP).  More generally, are not allowed on the network acts contrary to law or the Netiquette. Incorrect use of the network may have consequences, as appropriate and gravity. In the case of breaches, reported by GARR or external institutions, they may take the measures imposed by the authorities. Access to the Internet by University network is allowed only to users relating to the Community GARR.
The Service Eduroam
  • SSID: eduroam;
  • Network Authentication: WPA e WPA2 (Enterprise);
  • Encryption: TKIP e AES;
  • Protocol: 802.1X;
  • Authentication and Accounting: Server RADIUS;


In AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS you will find instructions to access different between:
  • University of Verona Users using Eduroam at other universities with their GIA credentials;
  • Italian and foreign users who use Eduroam in our University with the credentials of the Institution they come from.

For assistance please contact the Help Desk (please log in).

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