PagoPA – Service description

Student fees will only be paid through PagoPA, the new system launched by Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgiD) to facilitate payments to bodies of the Italian Public Administration.
PagoPA allows you to keep track of your payments on your personal page on ESSE3 as soon as each transaction is executed: this means that you can check the status of your payment at any time.

Why choose PagoPA?

Through PagoPA:

  • you can pay online via home-banking or the smartphone app, or in person at a bank, tobacco shop, etc.;
  • you can pay using your preferred payment method (credit card, bank transfer, etc.);
  • you can choose the bank; See the list of the available PSPs - Prestatori dei Servizi di Pagamento.
  • you can pay h24 
  • you get immediate confirmation of payment; if any charges apply for your transaction, these will be made known to you immediately;
  • The security of payments and personal data is guaranteed through standard protection protocols.

Choose between two payment options (by clicking on the relevant button):

  • Paga con PagoPA if you intend to pay online --> See the TUTORIAL
  • Stampa Avviso per PagoPA if you prefer to print out a payment notice and then pay offline at a bank or at one of the designated payment points.


  • PagoPA is the only system for making payments to the University. This means that students are no longer be able to download and print MAV payment forms.
  • In any case, students will still be able to pay using the MAV system if the MAV form in question was downloaded and printed before 31 January 2020.


Payment notice (Avviso di Pagamento: The Avviso di Pagamento includes all the information you need to make a payment for a service provided by a body of the Italian Public Administration.

The PagoPA payment notice contains the following codes that allow you to pay using the PagoPA system:

  • Payment notice code (IUV - Codice Avviso di Pagamento);
  • Barcode
  • QR code
  • CBILL code (for bank payment services).

Payment notice code (Codice Avviso di Pagamento): this code, made up of 18 digits including the IUV code, is contained in the PagoPA payment notice, the document to be used when making payments via PagoPA.

IUV code (Identificativo Unico di Pagamento: a IUV code is issued for each payment requested by the Public Administration. IUV codes allow Public Administration bodies to match each payment received with the exact reason for the corresponding payment.

Payment Centre (SPC - Nodo dei Pagamenti): a technological platform that enables the Italian Public Administration and the PSPs to connect with each other.

PagoPA: is the new standard system for making payments to Italian Public Administration bodies via authorised payment points, or PSPs (Prestatori di Servizi di Pagamento - Payment Service Providers). Payments can be made directly through the website or the smartphone app of each body of the Italian Public Administration, or through specific payment points/PSPs such as bank branches, home-banking services, ATMs, SISAL, Lottomatica and Banca 5 points, and post offices.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs - Prestatori di Servizi di Pagamento): PSPs like banks or post offices are the authorised payment points for the Public Administration in the PagoPA system. PSPs join PagoPA on a voluntary basis and provide their services to citizens and companies.

Electronic Payment Receipt (RT - Ricevuta telematica): this is a confirmation of payment, which is issued by the PSP to the user requesting the payment as soon as this is made, as well as to the body of the Public Administration receiving the payment.

SPID: SPID, the Digital Identity Public System, allows citizens and companies to access the online services of Public Administrations with a single Digital Identity.

Where to find further information:


FAQ - PagoPA