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Covid-19 – Notice from the ‘Indire’ National Agency for Erasmus+ on the current emergency situation.
Pursuant to Decree Law no. 6 of 23 February 2020 on urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency of Covid-19, which in Art. 1 orders the suspension of certain educational services, study visits and school trips both in Italy and abroad, in accordance with the notice of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research of 23 February 2020 and the relevant provisions issued by the European Commission, i.e. “Ares (2020)619972” of 31/01/2020, we hereby announce that, concerning the mobility of students and staff in the areas of education (schools, higher education institutions, etc.) under the Erasmus+ programme, the principle of "force majeure" may apply. 

It will then be possible to request, following the procedures that will be communicated, that the National Agency apply the "force majeure" clause in relation to activities and costs for all those mobility initiatives that are cancelled due to the emergency situation and the measures taken by the competent authorities. 

The institutions and organisations concerned are therefore advised that they should review the calendar of their activities, postponing mobility initiatives - including incoming mobilities - in agreement with their project partners, and within the framework of their bilateral relations.

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