Help with your paperwork and administrative procedures

The Inclusion and Accessibility Service also provides students with help for doing the necessary paperwork while they’re studying at the University. Students in need shall request assistance to the staff of the unit, who will act as a link between them and the relevant university offices, depending on each student’s situation. The main areas covered by the service are as follows.

Student orientation (incoming, ongoing, outgoing)
Students interested in applying for programmes at the University of Verona may get in touch with the Inclusion and Accessibility Service, which will provide them with a range of useful information such as the availability of auxiliary aids and services and assistive technologies, as well as assisting students in choosing the programme that suits them best or changing the programme they are currently enrolled in, in collaboration with the Student Orientation unit.
By the end of the programme, students are offered orientation initiatives to help them find employment opportunities, in collaboration with the Job Placement unit.

International mobility
Students can also request assistance to the Service if they wish to take part in international mobility programmes, or to have their foreign qualifications assessed in order to apply for such programmes (in case of Eu and Non-Eu students with foreign qualifications).
This service is provided in collaboration with the International Office.

The regional agency for university study opportunities (ESU) provides accommodation, some of which is free from architectonic barriers.
The Inclusion and Accessibility service provides the relevant information and supports students in requesting such benefits, working in close relationship with ESU for the implementation of services for students with disabilities.

Change your study plan
To change their study plan (degree programme), students can request assistance to the Inclusion and Accessibility service. For further information please read the Students’ regulation, in particular art. 31.

Recover your password
Students who lost the password they were provided with at the time of enrolment to have access to the University’s online services, may contact the Inclusion and Accessibility service for the recovery of their password.

Interrupting or withdrawing from your studies
If you intend to interrupt or withdraw from your studies – whether temporarily or not –, the Inclusion and Accessibility service will provide you with all the information on the necessary steps to take. For further information please read the Students' regulations, in particular Art. 31.

Graduation scrolls and certificates
At the end of the university programme students can ask the Service to collect their graduation scroll or certificate on their behalf, signing a specific authorisation form.

Your graduation application
The Inclusion and Accessibility service provides assistance to students who need help submitting their online graduation application. Students should request the service at least 10 days before the date on which they intend to submit their application.

In collaboration with the Internships office of the University, the Inclusion and Accessibility Service supports students in finding suitable organisations in which to do an internship, as set out in their study plan.
Service managed by:
Unit Inclusion and Accessibility