Admissions, enrolment, scholarships and benefits

Registration to admission tests for limited access degree programmes: to apply for special conditions and/or support or auxiliary aids when taking an admission test you should request the service on the Esse3 portal, at the time of completing the admission test application form, in accordance with the relevant procedures and terms set out in each Call for applications.
The certificate of disability or the DSA diagnosis must then be sent to the following email address:, along with a copy of an ID document and tax ID no.
The submitted documents will be kept at the Inclusion and Accessibility Service, in compliance with the relevant privacy regulations.
The Service shall inform the presidents of the Admissions Commissions of the special conditions to be applied and shall ensure the availability of the necessary support and auxiliary aids to people who need them, in accordance with current legislation.

The Service provides students with assistance from enrolment to graduation.
At the time of enrolment, students can ask for assistance and support for anything related to the recognition of CFU credits gained in previous academic experiences in accordance with the terms set out in the general Manifesto of Studies.

Scholarships and benefits for students
Students can refer to the Service for any issues related to scholarships and benefits (Equal Access to Education). If you wish to apply for such benefits you must provide our office with the following documents:
  • a copy of the certificate of disability issued by INPS or ASL or other authorised body, if not already provided, including your disability rating;
  • a copy of your ID document;
  • your IBAN.
It is necessary to provide us with your complete documents in order to benefit from reductions according to law, and to benefit from support and auxiliary aids, pursuant to current legislation and 2014 MIUR guidelines.
Students who need assistance to print the MAV form for the payment of the tuition fees, must send their request to the Service at least seven days before the deadline of the payment, as set out in the general Manifesto of Studies and the Calls for applications for the admission to degree programmes.
In this context, students who meet the relevant requirements can also apply for accommodation.
Service managed by:
Unit Inclusion and Accessibility