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If you have a high school/secondary school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification, and are not yet enrolled in a degree programme at the University, then you may wish to attend some individual modules included in the various degree programmes (both Bachelor’s and Master’s) as stand-alone short courses, for one academic year only. By registering for these individual modules you will be allowed to take the relevant exams and obtain the corresponding certification and CFU/ECTS credits.
Unless otherwise specified in the regulations of each degree programme and depending on what is set out by each teaching council involved, it is possible to register for a maximum of three modules per academic year and with a limit of 30 CFU/ECTS credits. You can choose from the modules included in the degree programmes offered by the University, with the exception of those belonging to the Single cycle/Combined Bachelor+Master’s degree programmes in Medicine and SurgeryDentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Health Care professions and Primary teacher education.
Should you need any further information about the content of the modules please contact the Teaching and Student unit of the degree programmes that include the individual module/s that you wish to attend: https://www.univr.it/it/i-nostri-servizi/segreterie-studenti

Search for modules by keywords or using other search options in the Course Catalogue  

You will need to submit your application to the Individual Modules office, which will forward your request to the competent offices for approval.
Once your request has been approved, you will be officially registered and will receive your GIA username and password by email: these will enable you to access the Esse3 student career management system, where you will be able to print the MAV form for the payment of the registration fees.

If you intend to register for one or more modules taught in the first semester, you will need to apply by the first week of September.
If you wish to register for one or more modules taught in the second semester only, you will have to apply starting from December to at least 20 days before the start of the second semester.
Dates may vary depending on each degree programme. Please see the Academic Calendar on the department page of the degree programme/s which include/s the module/s you intend to register for.

In order to register for exams you will need to access the Esse3 student career management system. Please note: you will only be able to log into the system once you have completed your registration and paid the relevant fees.
Your exams will be displayed on your general dashboard. If you can’t see any exams you can use the search bar you’ll find on your Exams dashboard
PLEASE NOTE: you will be allowed to register for an exam only if the exam session is open (for each module the date of opening/closing of the session will be displayed). Once your registration has been succesfully completed, you will be displayed a confirmation message.

Federica Gallo
Patrizia Isolani, Gioconda Zambetta
Service managed by:
Unit Enrolments and Teaching Logistics Unit
045 802 8485 (escluso martedì-mercoledì-giovedì ore 10-13)


Si riceve esclusivamente previo appuntamento, da prenotare collegandosi al link "Prenota il tuo appuntamento". Orario: martedì, mercoledì e giovedì ore 10-13. L'ufficio si trova a Palazzo Giuliari, via dell'Artigliere n. 8 - Verona


Enrolment in individual modules


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