Library’s IT Services Group

A key unit for the provision of automated services to the University Library System, the Library’s IT Services Group oversees and implements the IT procedures and tools needed to improve user access to bibliographic information and paper and electronic documents made available for study and research.

Specifically, the Group:
  • is in charge of and runs the integrated information system of library services and data (ALMA), the University’s discovery tool (UNIVERSE) and related  third-party software;
  • provides statistics and reports on bibliographic, administrative and usage data;
  • carries out analyses of new library services and management software;
  • provides staff training and prepares guides for staff and users;
  • provides the Library’s staff with in-person and remote support for the correct management of procedures and the resolution of technical problems;
  • maintains relations with suppliers and handles error reports and suggestions for improvements;
  • takes part in national working groups and national and international library associations;
  • installs and is in charge of the library’s computers and provides users with assistance both remotely and on site;
  • manages automatic user registrations, and the updating of user data in the University Library System (MyBIB);
  • maintains audio and video devices;
  • selects or implements hardware and software solutions suitable to the needs of library users and installs and manages them on the relevant computer hardware.
Silvia Trevenzoli
Via Cantarane 24 - 37129 Verona
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