Medicine Group

Our group is responsible for:
  • Assisting the School of Medicine and Surgery, teaching committee chairs and degree programme contact staff with study programmes and managing the teaching programmes for this group.
  • Carrying out quality assurance for study programmes and the teaching within this group.
  • Helping the School of Medicine and Surgery maintain relations with local and regional authorities of the National Health System, especially the integrated university hospital, to ensure university courses are in line with the planning and implementation policies implemented by local, regional and national health authorities.
  • Managing the academic records of students taking first- and second-level programmes in the School of Medicine and Surgery and Exercise Science.
  • Cultivating relations with all the internal and external people involved in medical postgraduate specialisation programmes/residencies.
  • Managing the academic records of students enrolled in medical postgraduate specialisation programmes/residencies and developing related services.
  • Running the help desk for students.

Servizi gestiti da Medicine Group

Mariachiara Peretti
Policlinico "G.B. Rossi" - P.le L.A. Scuro, 10 - 37134 Verona