Financial Planning and General Accounting Unit

This unit is responsible for:
  • Maintaining relations with the university offices to coordinate the preparation of the annual and multi-year budgets.
  • Budget control during the year in terms of financial, asset and financial accounting (budget maintenance, cost allocation, changes to the financial statements, allocation of funds to analytical units and configurations for intra-university transfers).
  • Adjustments of the operating budget.
  •  Fulfilling end of year and end of period requirements and preparing the related documents and instructions for the entire university.
  •  Preparing the income statement, balance sheet and explanatory notes as well as the consolidated financial statement.
  •  Defining the accounting practices to be used throughout the entire university's accounting department.
  •  General accounting, analytical accounting and project management in UGOVContabilità.
  •  Managing and monitoring revenue from the state and from contractual agreements.
  •  Fulfilling SIOPE obligations.
  •  Communicating department orders to the Treasury.
  •  Coordinating and supervising the university’s financial management, focusing on management of the liquidity, cash requirements, treasury account, debt management and securities portfolio of the university.
  •  Supervising the accounting records of the central administration’s assets and coordinating the management of assets.
  •  Credit management, encouraging actions to recover outstanding credit.
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