Law and Economics ICT Services Unit

This unit is responsible for:
  •  Installing, managing and assisting with computer workstations for the Law and Economics area, whether in person or remotely.
  •  Identifying suitable hardware and software for user needs and installing these on their computer devices.

Servizi gestiti da Law and Economics ICT Services Unit

Luciano Vallone
Polo Didattico Santa Marta, Via Cantarane 24, 37129 Verona
Tel servizio: *7341 (Economia)
Tel servizio: *7342 (Giurisprudenza)

Persone dell'Unità Operativa

Matteo Lanza
Matteo Lanza
Funzionario di elaborazione dati
045 8425394
Matteo Lovato
045 802 8987
Michael Reiter
Michael Reiter
web sites and payments, mailing lists, support for publications
045 802 8988