Networking group

The Networking Group is involved in designing, constructing and managing the network infrastructure required for students and staff to use the university’s computer services.
This is developed in line with the continual evolution of IT technology and at the same time allows us to manage the internal security of the university network.
Specifically, our group is responsible for:
  •  Implementing, monitoring and managing the active equipment used for basic wired and wireless connectivity services (routing, DHCP, DNS, NTP, logging) at all the university’s sites.
  •  Implementing, monitoring and managing VPN and peer services with the Integrated University Hospital.
  •  Implementing, monitoring and managing the security of services (DMZ firewall) and perimeter connectivity (UTM border firewall), threat analysis and reporting.
  •  Coordinating the working group on Minimum Measures.
  •  Implementing, monitoring and managing authentication services for the wired (802.1x) and wireless network and network services.
  •  Providing first and second level help desk support for issues related to data network access.
  •  Managing geographical connections between university sites (backbones and connections between buildings at the same campus).
  •  Implementing, managing and maintaining devices in the technical rooms where the data network is distributed.
Andrea Sartori
Via dell’Artigliere 19 - 37129 Verona


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